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Bsides Liverpool Podcast

Feb 24, 2019

Welcome to the Bsides Liverpool Podcast.
With the first Bsides Liverpool scheduled on 29th June 2019 we have put together this podcast to chart our progress through our journey as organisers and to chronicle what it's like to put a Bsides together.  In this first episode
Meet the team behind Bsides Liverpool and why you need a team of diverse talent.
Call for sponsors
Call for participation
Inspiration behind the event
What we are trying to achieve
What we are up to this week
How you can help or get in touch
And what we are going to have to do to Richard to make him an honourary scouser for a while....
To follow what we are doing and get the latest news try Twitter, where we are @BsidesLivrpool and the website by clicking this link here